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Serious Recruiting for 16-man Raids


After nearly a month of rebuilding, Serious is finally ready to open its doors for open recruitment. At our core, Serious is a progression raiding guild focused on becoming the best operation raiders in SWTOR. We are a group of highly skilled players from a variety of different games and backgrounds. If you are skilled raider looking to play with some of the best players in the game and compete at the highest level of raiding, we strongly urge you to submit an application. Similarly, if you are a player looking to make the jump into a more dedicated raid environment, we can help you make that transition and thus also encourage you to apply.

Our Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8pm – 12am EST during farm content.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday from 8pm – 12am EST during new content.

Class Recruitment | Need

Sniper DPS – High
Sorcerer Healer – High
Maurader DPS – High
Mercenary DPS – High
Sorcerer DPS – High
Mercenary Healer – Moderate
Powertech DPS – Moderate
Assassin Tank – Low
Operative Healer – Low
Assassin DPS – Low
Operative DPS – Low
Juggernaut DPS – Low
Powertech Tank – Low
Juggernaut Tank – Low

**We are always looking for exceptional players regardless of class.

Apply Here

For any questions contact any of the following officers in game: XxHavokxx, Scorpiux, Scorpix, Sangz, Sang, or Sanglol. Feel free to post on our site or this thread for any general questions about the guild and one of our members will be happy to answer you.