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    Ok, just a little writeup about the assassin DPS.


    Spec 1: [skills][/skills]

    Spec 2: [skills][/skills]
    Edit: there should be 31 points in the deception tree for VS slash here, and only 2 in electric execution

    Really, there are not too many variations of the deception tree – for Raids I see no point in taking Obfuscation (at least not for stealth detection). Resourcefulness seems like a rather useless talent to take, we as assassins rarely ever use our only “AOE” Laceration since its a huge waste of force, but the reduced cool-down of Overcharge saber to line up with Recklessness is nice.

    Taking the First spec, is generally called the ‘chain-shock’ spec. In all honesty, going full three points in charge mastery for deception, giving you a whopping 9 percent armour pen on all attacks, may not be worth it. A 45 percent chance to shock a second time is huge, considering the damage boost of shock as deception. I often hit my first shock for around 5k followed by a 3k or so second hit. That’s big burst.

    Electric Execution is a rather useless talent. It does not increase your discharge power, but rather the surging charge stance – so in this case, a 25 percent chance to deal x amount of damage every 4.5 seconds.

    As Deception, Voltiac Slash is your main ability used – and if you use MoX you will notice it does the ‘most’ damage in comparison to the other abilities. It does not do as much damage as Thrash in the madness tree (because of the the madness talent that increases thrash damage), however, VS I believe damages at a much faster rate then slash, as well, it gives you induction reducing the cost and increasing the damage of shock.

    As Deception I open the fight, in stealth (for regen out of stealth), by clicking my recklessness + overcharge sabre + Dread Guard power relic followed by discharge on the boss. I discharge first because with recklessness up, I am almost garunteed a force crit which means Exploitive Strikes is up. With this talent up, melee critical chance is increased so i Voltiac slash twice, maul should be up by this time – maul, and always try to shock with 2 stacks of induction.

    After my initial burst phase, i hit Blackout for Darkswell so my force regen is increased and i can keep up the burst. This grants you 6 seconds of force regen, after this 6 seconds is up you may want to saber strike a few times (the PVE dps assassin setbonus is a must), then you can quickly hit force cloak and come back out for 6 seconds of force regen, and resetting Blackout. At about 10 seconds, hit blackout again and continue dps’n….it is here that your damage will require a bit more saber strikes to restore force, since Force Cloak is on cooldown for another minute or so, and blackout is on cooldown for another 35 seconds or so.

    Every time your recklessness, overcharge saber and dread guard power relic are up – USE THEM! If your spec Chain shock, make sure to discharge BEFORE shock since chain shock can proc 2 hits, and use both charges of recklessness.


    This is the madness spec I use:


    I only put 1 point in chain shock to move up the tree – and i only use Shock to keep up Unearthed knowledge every 20 seconds. Shock as madness is such a waste of force.

    Instead of taking thrashing blades and electric execution in the darkness tree, I go for the armour increase and lowered cool down on force speed. Both of these are quite handy in an operation, the madness tree looses a lot of survivability compared to deception, so having the armour is nice. Lowered cooldown on force speed to 15 seconds, is kind of a must for all the movement and knockbacks and whatnot in boss fights.

    Also, creeping terror does more damage then your lightning charge over the course of a fight, even if you take Electric execution. Madness is a tough spec to play, no doubt one of the harder ones to master (out of any class, and i’ve played them all but the operative). The assassin madness spec requires you to pay attention to a lot of procs and cooldowns.

    1. Unearthed knowledge (shoc every 20 seconds to keep it up)
    2. Discharge (18 seconds to refresh, needs to be up to proc Crushing Darkness)
    3. Creeping terror (18 seconds)
    4. Maul (always maul when it is proc’d, this is priority)
    5 Raze (always use crushing darkness on raze proc, this is priority)

    To open the fight, i always Recklessness + Overcharge Sabre + Dread Guard power Relic – Deathfield, Discharge, Creeping Terror followed by thrash – at this point is priority based – Crushing darkness when raze procs, maul when duplicity procs, shock when you are close to full force (refresh every 20 secs) Watch your deathfield cooldown, when it is off cooldown use it – this will give you a couple extra thrashes before you have to hit your discharge + creeping terror again. You want to wait until these 2 fall off then reapply for max dps.


    Well, I have tried this in EC HM a couple times and tfb, but tend to revert back to full madness.

    Here is the spec:

    the darth maul spec drops creeping terror, and increased crit in favor of the induction talent and Darkswell. Induction gives more potential damage on your mauls, and darkswell can be used to do more burst since Blackout can be used out of stealth again here. It requires less procs to watch (no creeping terror) so its ‘easier’ then full madness.


    Well I have spent probably over 2 mill in credits swapping mods in and out on the ops dummy. The assassin dps tree needs a lot of work still, and out of all the classes i’ve played it is the most frustrating to BiS and itemize.
    Why? Because we have no talent for mainstat, accuracy or crit (except the big 3 percent if your madness). We are the only class in the game without any of these, and for a ‘melee’ class that relies heavily on crit (especially deception) I find it very strange none of this exists. This makes aiming for 100/110 accuracy, while mainting 35+ force crit and force bonus damage etc over 1000 next to impossible. Somethings gotta give.

    My sniper for instance, can have almost 1100 tech power with 35+ tech crit and 100/110 accuracy. This is IMPOSSIBLE for the dps sin.

    So, after hours of swapping mods in and out during raids and on the dummy – i have decided that I will forgo accuracy so i can have more power. Currently I run both deception and madness with around 96/106 accuracy. Sure, some of my Voltiac slash/Thrash may miss or be dodged, but they are used so much it matters not. Maul may be dodged sometimes on a boss but the duplicity proc stays so you can maul right away. Force attacks never miss, and they are our big hitters aside from maul. Currently I have around 1045 force bonus damage, 106/96 accuracy with around 35% crit. My mauls can hit for 7k+, my discharge for 5-6k, shoc for 5-8k (with chain shock). As deception for instance, its not uncommon for me to hit around 14k damage or so within the first 4 seconds of the fight. Deception has incredibly high burst, nothing is channelled and everything is basically instant damage. We are doing damage every second if we are on the boss.

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    you should talk to anubis




    When i started playing my assassin i took the Basic’s of Sorc DPS Madness with assassin dps and took my extra points and spread them out the reason Full madness tree does not work with Sorc dps is because the third DOT eats away Deathmark to quickly and its a weak DOT its just as weak as Discharges DOT in Lighting stance. When i tried full madness with my assassin it was pretty much the same thing the third Dot kills Dteahmark to quick and lowers the DPS. So since theres nothing else to put points into because i wanted and felt getting all 3 points in the Creeping Death perk was a big must i now have the extra points in other trees my DPS gear on my assassin is not good but in theory with the Assassin have a 30% below hard hitting skill and Thrash being a big move in the rotation i would go with 100% Melee ACC. since you get a extra 15% Crit on thrash with the PvE 4 Set bonus i feel having anywhere from 35-37% M-Crit would be good i only think go high crit would do good is because with this tree you Crushing Darkness DOT is a free Insta-Cast and Insta Refresh attacking targets affected with Discharges dot so since its a hard hitting dot and ticks hard going with more crit should do justice. With Hazmats and 63’s i wanna say you should be around 76 Surge, and of-course always stack Willpower Augments. Honestly i really feel that this is the best spec to go i love it i do more dps with this spec i run because i like the play style and im use to it from my sage dps and i hope everyone gives it a shot but i will be trying that Darth Mual spec it looks fun.

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