About Us

Serious is a Star Wars: The Old Republic progression guild currently playing on the Imperial side of the Prophecy of the Five server. Our current raid schedule is Monday – Thursday from 8pm EST – 12am EST


Prior to forming Serious, the core of the guild previously played in an Imperial guild named Cali Killed Nox (CKN). Within CKN we achieved numerous operation completion achievements, including world first clears of 16 man Terror from Beyond Hard Mode. Shortly before the release of SWTOR Game Update 1.5, many within CKN left the game or moved on to different guilds, leaving only a handful of remaining members behind. Those that remained, however, were determined rebuild. Thus, out of the ashes of CKN came Serious – a new progression guild with the desire to once again push the boundaries of operation raiding.

About Us

At our core, Serious is a progression raiding guild focused on becoming the best operation raiders in SWTOR. We are a group of highly skilled players from a variety of different games and backgrounds. We like to have fun, but when it comes to defeating operation bosses, our focus is absolute. Each member of Serious is responsible for maintaining their primary operation character to perform to the best of their abilities. This includes min/maxing gear and theory-crafting with other guild members.

Outside of our primary raid hours, many of our members PvP and maintain multiple alternate characters whom they also gear through flashpoints, operations, and dailies. It is not uncommon for us to run complete guild alt raids on off nights for gear and crafting materials. We treat loot in a way that is fair to our dedicated raiders. We distribute loot pieces in a round-robin fashion with the qualifications to receive loot being attendance of 80% or higher.

Current State: Recruiting

Presently, we are still currently rebuilding the core membership of the guild in order to get back to raiding at the 16-man level. If you are skilled raider looking to play with some of the best players in the game and compete at the highest level of raiding, we strongly urge you to submit an application. Similarly, if you are a player looking to make the jump into a more dedicated raid environment, we can help you make that transition and thus also encourage you to apply.